Real weddings



What to say about the Venus Agency team? That they were always present, available and full of resources from the beginning to the end of our marriage. Magic, unforgettable moments, we were on cloud nine and we were able to just enjoy this big day!
Especially, Nathalie, ladies change nothing, you were perfect !


Nadia and Christophe



We were not completely ready to take a wedding planner but Nathalie knew how to convince us, explained to us how we were going to work and we had no regrets! Everything was as we had wished it, the organization, the decoration, the handling of the guests, the suppliers and the whole day. Everything was well prepared, well followed, to the smallest detail,
A big Merciii ! To Nathalie and her team who made this day an unforgettably good one !


Delphine and Jeremy



For my 3rd marriage, I decided to call on a real professional because I did not want to have to manage the stress of the wedding day, the unexpected or our 90 guests! I really wanted, finally, to savor this moment only for us! The team at Venus Agency was smart enough and had the flexibility to adapt to the various situations and the essential expertise to bring to a successful conclusion our marriage.
A big thank you, it was a great success!


Nadia and Christian




Nathalie is great pro, she is a person in whom you can be 100 % confident. For our marriage she made it remarkable and especially beautiful,
We worked in perfect harmony by e-mail, phone, quickly and effectively. We exchanged a lot on the choice of suppliers, the decoration on which I had very precise ideas. She was attuned to our slightest desires, she did everything to realize them.
Thanks to her I had the marriage I so hoped for !


Virginie and Oliver